William Park Lemmond Jr: Remembering the Man

Retired Circuit Court judge William Park Lemmond Jr. recently passed away on the 7th of July of this year, at the age of 81. And he was indeed an exemplary person who made an impact upon those around him.

Lemmond left behind a legacy as a circuit judge, owing to his good nature stemming from his upbringing. Below are some facts about the late judge as we get to know him better and who he was.


1.       He served as 6th Circuit Court Judge for 16 years.

He served specifically for the commonwealth of Virginia, presiding over the cities of Emporia, Hopewell, Brunswick, and many others. Even then, after his retirement, he still served as substitute circuit judge for over 50 years.


2.       He volunteered in a prison ministry.

He was a mentor in the Kairos Prison Ministry, a religious organization which catered to inmates in various prisons. He changed his lifestyle at the age of 60, deciding to help out prisoners isolated from the world.


3.       He was a pilot.

A graduate of Virginia Tech Corps of Cadet, Lemmond was known to have a thing for flying. He was a pilot for the Air Force, the Marines, and the Virginia Air National Guard for about 23 years. Though he earned his law degree at the University of Richmond, that did not stop him from flying high.


4.       He passed his legacy on through his wife, children, and grandchildren.

With his wife, Beryl Mitchell Lemmond, they have four children: William Park III, Gregory Gavin, Jennifer Gustavius, and James Jason, along with eight lovely grandchildren.


Whether or not William Park Lemmond Jr. lived out his life happily, one thing is for sure: He left behind a legacy not only as a judge, but as a human being who truly cared for others and as someone who followed his passion.