What the Legal Community Can Learn from Atticus Finch

If you’ve read To Kill a Mockingbird, you may well be familiar with the character, Atticus Finch. He is both a lawyer and a family man and quite possibly the perfect example for many people within the legal community.

As Father’s Day is fast approaching, you’re aware that being part of the legal world can be tough when you’re a dad. But Atticus Finch embodies the quality of a lifelong teacher for the rest of us. Below are a few things we can all learn from Atticus Finch.

1.       Upholding his job as a lawyer

Atticus was not afraid of being demonized by his community while he defended Tom Robinson, a man of color. During that time, nobody wanted to be involved in the matters of African-Americans. The fact that Atticus defended someone whom society treated as different is admirable, as was his job. 

2.       Living with ethics and integrity

Atticus keeps his demeanor in check, even when he’s at home. His stoic, righteous attitude never fades, even when he’s in court or outside. He treats his children with the same respect he shows the people he defends and vice-versa.

3.       Having a strong sense of justice

Upon defending Tom Robinson, he knew the man was innocent. While the jury based their judgment on Tom’s skin color, Atticus asserted his client’s innocence. He deduced who was truly guilty and made a strong case for Tom Robinson on why he’s innocent. Although in the end, Tom was still imprisoned, Atticus made an impression on everyone in the courtroom.

4.       Being a good example to his children

Atticus taught Scout and Jem respect for others. He forbade them to call a colored person “nigger” and asked that Scout compensate for what she had done to Mrs. Dubose’s flower bed by reading to the troubled old lady every day. Later, Atticus revealed that Mrs. Dubose was addicted to morphine and the daily reading sessions helped distract her.

Atticus Finch may be a fictional character, but he is an exquisite example of what both being a father and a defender should be. Therefore, he may just the perfect role model for lawyers, prosecutors, and judges out there. So why not be like Atticus Finch? Uphold that strong sense of justice in you!