The Recent Supreme Court Ruling and the 2014 Midterm Elections

Today’s Supreme Court ruling has gained prominence among citizens. And it is important in a sense that it plays a vital role in the 2014 elections. The upcoming elections might be the most memorable due to the present Supreme Court decision which has been ruled as of late.

How will this affect citizens? We look at some facts on its effect on the general population and the coming midterm elections.


1.       The Supreme Court is divided 5-4.

The decision temporarily exempts Christian colleges of sanctions which may jeopardize the religious identity of such institutions. This way, the ruling may most likely reverberate over the other Supreme Court decisions, considering there is a fight over the Affordable Care Act among Democrats and Republicans.


2.       Republicans might take control of the Senate.

As with the recent ruling which favors the opposition, Republicans may take hold of the legislative branch in the near future, in relation with the decision which favored them. “The Supreme Court case strengthens Republican resolve to run against Obamacare,” said Republican Chris Wilson.

Though there may not be any sort of statistic showing how much the Republican party is gaining prominence, the Supreme Court Ruling asserts their influence over legislative matters. 

3.       A single vacancy in court might reshape American laws.

Vacancies in judicial offices—especially in the Supreme Court—will give judges from both sides of the political spectrum the opportunity to sit and influence the court accordingly. Vacancies among members of the house may also be filled by those with opposing views, adding up to current predicaments in supreme court decisions.

The 5-4 ruling may yet cause a shift within the nation’s political spectrum, but the executive branch would most likely remain as it is, as someone of one side is sitting in office. But this does not change the fact that laws may be affected due to the major ruling which favors the other side of the political wing.

Therefore, the political forces of the country may very well change in the next few years, following the midterm elections.