Ten Interesting Facts about the US Constitution

There are a lot of us who know the Constitution by heart, as well as its amendments. But did you know that there are interesting facts about the US Constitution as well?

Below are some aspects which you may not know about the constitution. Some of them are fascinating and some, rather odd.


  1. Out of all the other countries in the world, the US Constitution has the fewest words, numbering at only 4,400.
  2. Though the Constitution was written in 1787 and signed on the 17th of September, only in 1788 did it gain the necessary approval of the additional states needed for ratification.
  3. It was written in secret and prepared in an undisclosed location, with sentries guarding the door.
  4. Regarding suffrage, the Constitution did not have a clear definition on who could vote. As a result, through the Union, women and African-Americans could not vote for public servants.
  5. Benjamin Franklin needed help to sign the Constitution due to his poor health, at 81 years old—being the oldest signatory of them all.
  6. As of today, more than 11,000 amendments have been introduced in Congress.
  7. The name “Pennsylvania” is misspelled as “Pensylvania.”
  8. Out of all the Presidents, only George Washington and James Madison signed the Constitution.
  9. Paul Revere organized the Boston Mechanics as a powerful force upon learning that Sam Adams and John Hancock had second thoughts in offering their support. He worked discreetly for the approval by the Massachusets convention.
  10. There had been no amendments made to the Constitution from 1804 to 1865, until the end of the Civil War and when slavery was abolished through the Thirteenth Amendment, making it the longest period where there had been no changes made to it.


Now, isn’t the US Constitution fascinating? If you have more interesting facts to add, why don’t you share your knowledge in the comment section below? Go ahead!


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