Judicial Misconduct: Judges Gone Wild

There have been outrageous cases of misbehavior within the legal community. But you can’t expect judges to behave that way, can you?

Well, you couldn’t be more wrong! There have been numerous cases of judicial misconduct throughout history. And below are a few examples of judges behaving badly.


1.       Judge Kimberly Brown

Facing possible suspension and discipline for 45 counts of misconduct, Judge Kimberly Brown said to have displayed both an inappropriate demeanor and derogatory remarks of others in the legal and judicial community. She said to have exacerbated hostility among different parties in court. She also failed to comply with the necessary paperwork required of her.


2.       Judge Lu Ann Ballew

Judge Lu Ann Ballew got into hot water by trying to force parents of a child to change the name they have decided for the young boy. The parents wanted to name their child “Messiah” but Ballew insisted that they change it because the word Messiah is “… a title, and it’s a title that has only been earned by one person, and that one person is Jesus Christ.” It’s probably best not to dig more into that.

She’s currently facing charges as her ruling was deemed unconstitutional and her actions go against the first amendment, which prohibits any law or move respecting religious establishment in the public domain.


3.       Judge Kenneth Post

Post was accused of behaving in an unbecoming manner to an attorney, uttering demeaning remarks against the defender, although he denied any grave violations of the Code of Judicial Conduct. He said to have underplayed the criminal case at hand and faces charges for his behavior.


4.       Judge Deborah Adams

Adams is facing ethics charges for making misrepresentations under oath. She allegedly forged her own divorce case. Though she denies the allegations, she is still required to face charges. Her hearing had been concluded and the decision will come soon.

Though the list may be a little controversial, it shows one thing: That even judges aren’t free from the laws they’re upholding. Because of their misconduct, they will still have to face charges and the other consequences.