Americans Uninterested in Supreme Court Campaign Finance Ruling

According to reports, only 13% of Americans were interested with the Supreme Court issue at hand—the high court’s ruling on campaign finance.

Only about 49% followed the story, but not closely.

So what exactly could be the reasons why? During the week the ruling was being discussed, several issues vied for international media attention, which affected people’s interest in the case.

Below are two of them, being the most prominent:

  • 33% of the country followed the missing flight MH370

It’s only natural that a missing international flight would make worldwide news. Other issues would be overshadowed, especially since the story involves perplexities and speculations as to what happened to the plane.

  • 26% followed the Russia-Ukraine situation

As tensions escalate between the two neighboring countries, the international community has since feared a major conflict could spark not only between the two nations but between their respective allies as well.

The campaign finance ruling tackles the abolition of limits on campaign spending, throwing out the cap imposed upon candidates on how much they can spend.

But those reasons aside, perhaps it’s only natural for citizens to not be interested in following the ruling, as it doesn’t affect them directly. Might the overly-zealous be the only ones concerned or